a ledger-sheet making software for .NET(C# / VB.NET) developers is a ledger-sheet tool designed for .NET (C# / VB.NET) and Java developers. It is a full-featured product that makes designing and printing ledger sheets easy. It also makes it possible to share printing data between .NET and Java applications using web services such as ASP.NET and Axis. The software has been developed exclusively as a ledger-sheet tool incorporating features required for general ledger sheets in Japan.

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New Release Ver 6.2.0 Release (Feb. 13 2012 Update History )

Full justification of a text (Fit text)

Can be output justifies / PDF / SVG / preview / print / Own print data Format(xml).
If you are justified, you can set the (property) the following features. (*)[] is the default.
  • Fit half -> Yes or [No]
  • Half-width Kana Justified -> [Yes] or No
  • Outside the scope justified character -> You can specify multiple
  • Also evenly divide a string before and after -> Yes or [No]
  • Number of spaces before and after a string -> [0]

automatic stretch beyond the specified number of bytes

Was added in addition to the function "automatic stretch beyond the specified number" in text "feature automatic stretch beyond the specified number of bytes". I was allowed to respond because of many requests.

Version is always available for download 64bit (x64)

Until now, .NET 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0, the version distributed AnyCpu,
but which had been distributing the x64 version only .NET 4.0,
I was allowed to and can download the x64 version to the much more .NET 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 this time.
Please try to download all means. Ver 6.0.0 Release (July. 20 2011)

New Release of English Version

We have released the much anticipated English version of our Japanese ledger-sheet (financial reporting) tool.

IE9 supports ledger-sheet output in SVG format

Internet Explorer 9 now supports output in SVG image format. Therefore, has officially added features to
support the printing and preview of SVG format ledger sheets using Internet Explorer 9.

Additional features and bug fixes

Details are provided in Update History.
This release (Ver 6.0) has been introduced in many media. Submitted a list of media that let me summarize as follows:

WEB publishing list of media ( Ver 6.0 Release)

This product keeps introduced in a lot of Japanese media before Ver 6.0. (publishing of part) such as Mycom Journal , ITpro of Nikkei Software , of Gijutsu-Hyohron Co. Ltd. , BPnet of Nikkei Business Publications Inc.


  • File variation has been broadened with PDF / SVG / SVGZ. They can be viewed on web browsers.
  • Ledger sheet data can be transferred via web service or web applications. Output of the data is available with Windows rich client.
  • This software is our original product designed to meet the functions required for Japanese ledger sheets.
  • It is possible to store ledger sheet data directly into an XML file and read it.
  • Codes for printing from the user program are written and managed only in one place unlike many other software products which take the system of writing codes from each event.
  • Print several different types of sheets at a time .
  • Ledger sheet definition is an opened specification XML file. Design without designers and dynamically-generated ledger sheet definition from the original program are both possible.
  • Offering decorated characters suitable for POP and advertisement.
  • Handling the 12 common types of barcode printing as well as QR code and barcode for payment in convenience stores.
  • Multiple function designers facilitate flexible design of ledger sheet.


[Monolithic System]

Monolithic System

1. Use the Designer to design ledger sheets(reports).
2. Outputs are stored in an XML file called the Report Definition File.
3. User applications call a method Engine and create ledger sheets on the basis of report definition files.
4. The created ledger sheets can be output to the following targets:
Printer, preview screen, PDF file, SVG image, and print data file (reloadable)

The Report Definition File is an open specification XML file and is able to define information such as the following and much more:
paper settings text line and circular arch square and rounded corner
circles and ovals image barcode decorated character
Also, the designer facilitates a visual efficiency of report definition files. Intuitive operation by GUI makes it possible to create report definition files easily.

[Linkage with web services]

Linkage with web services

Client (Windows) applications that print out and/or preview ledger sheets can obtain print data and print and/or preview the data simply by calling a web method (function) from the web service.
Web service applications that create print data on the server (Windows/Linux) will do so by having the method called by a client access the database and return a binary value (byte [] type variable) obtained by compressing the print data to the client application.
To diversify the web server platform, Java is also supported as a development language, in addition to .NET. To create web service applications in Java, use Reports.jar.
Because Reports.jar can output RDF files on its own, the client does not require to print ledger sheets if the ledger sheet application is developed in Java.
For further detail , refer to the outline drawing of in web environment below.

[Display Image]

report.netreport design preview

System Requirements


  • OS:Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2 Products are offered according to the bit of your OS (32 / 64)
  • .NET Framework : 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0
    Products are offered according to your .NET Framework version. Downward compatible is available.
  • Developing environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 / 2005 /2008 / 2010
    Products are offered according to your Microsoft Visual Studio version. Downward compatible is available.
  • Developing language: VB.NET / C# / C++ / J++ / J#


  • OS: Systems that operate JDK1.4 or more sufficiently.
  • Computer Memory: Equivalent to the memory allocation which allows JDK1.4 or more to operate sufficiently.



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